I have finished the data process in Google Colab and upload these results to Google Cloud Storage (GCS), and I want to import these files from GCS to Google Earth Engine (GEE) via the python API provided by GEE. The files in GCS looks like this: enter image description here

While the code in Colab makes sure that they are exist: enter image description here

However, when I write the import code:

outputAssetID = 'users/cjj/modis_process' 
!earthengine upload image --asset_id={outputAssetID} {outputImageFile} {outputJsonFile}

The message I got is:

Running command using Cloud API.  Set --no-use_cloud_api to go back to using the API

Manifests for TfRecord ingestion must have exactly one tileset with exactly one source.

Am I using this API in the wrong way?

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As the suggestion first line indicated:

Running command using Cloud API. Set --no-use_cloud_api to go back to using the API

And according to the hint the source code imply that '''--no-use_cloud_api''' is used for Disables the new experimental EE Cloud API backend( https://github.com/google/earthengine-api/blob/master/python/ee/cli/eecli.py)

Therefore, there are some differences between old and new version of this API.

!earthengine --no-use_cloud_api upload image --asset_id={outputAssetID} {outputImageFile} {outputJsonFile}

finally using this code works.

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