So i need to set a 30 meter Buffer around a road in a Layer and visualize it in QGIS. The road is split in 8 segments( don´t think it makes a difference).

Tried this code:

select a.ref, a.geom, st_buffer(a.geom, 30)
from au.roads a
where a.ref='A306'

When i load it in QGIS it doesn´t show a Buffer around that road. What am i doing wrong?

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    Your query is returning two geometries ... that must must distract QGIS i suppose ... try to only keep your buffer's geometry ... – snaileater Aug 13 at 17:23
  • Where did u try 'this code' ? – snaileater Aug 15 at 8:22

Your query create two geometries, so you need to tell Qgis what is your geometry column when you load your table (or either don't select a.geom)

when you load a table with two geometry column in postgreSQL loader it give you this (exemple from one of my project) :

enter image description here

here, you can either load the table with geom as the geometry column or border as the geom column.

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