I have a GIS layer of bike lanes I created using an open-source GeoJSON which I converted to a shapefile using ArcPy. The end result looks pretty good, with one exception: there is some small gaps between the polyline features. Shown below, and example:

enter image description here

Is there a way in ArcPy to snap together lines like these, using a specific tolerance?

I'm avoiding using the topology toolset since I don't have access to that license.

Other thoughts on how to easily achieve snapping of polylines without more than a basic license?

I'd like this script to be run on multiple computers, which may or may not have more than a basic license.

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    If you don't have the correct license and seeking tools to help you then the first place you should be looking is the esri code sharing website where the user community have provided tools for everyone. I suggest you type the word snap into that and discover! – Hornbydd Aug 13 at 20:58

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