ArcGIS Pro currently provides the Polygon Neighbors tool to compute the length of the shared border between features.

I want to do the same type of calculation for (closed) 3D features, i.e. I want to calculate the area of the shared surface between two adjacent 3D features. However, I can't find a tool in ArcGIS Pro for doing this.

Does this functionality exist in ArcGIS Pro?

3D Polygons


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Turns out I can use intersect 3D tool to get the boundary surfaces between adjacent polygons. However, if I specify that a "surface" is returned I get some sliver polygons whereas if I specify a "solid" is returned I get a 3D feature with a small but finite width. Based on how I created the 3D polygons there should not be any gap or overlap between features, so I would expect to be able to get a surface back. Perhaps I can use topology rules in my database or create the features in a different way to fix this overlap. 3D intersection - surface 3D intersection - solid

  • I think it would be useful to include some generated test data like a smaller cube next to and touching a larger cube to see if the expected result is found.
    – PolyGeo
    Aug 14, 2019 at 1:01

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