Problem- Water Distribution system Im doing tracing manual work in arcgis since a long time and want to automate it.

Can you help me with any trick or python or VB script?

Layers available one line layer (Brown color) and 2 point layers(Blue and Red cross) line layer represent Pipes, points layers represent meter and Valve

Presently doing manual work Tracing each segment (Starting from yellow color) along anyone side and adding it to current selection until I find any one of point layer which is exactly laying on line layer

Solution required 1. Just click on a line and it should select all the lines connected to it untill both point layers only 2. It should not select other lines during crossing

enter image description here

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    If it is not already convert your line dataset to a geometric network then you can automate tracing between two points on the network. Search the help file for geometric networks. – Hornbydd Aug 14 at 12:14
  • you are thinking like a geometric network, so you can try to convert your data in a topologic valid graph and then use graph tools to achieve your goal as @Hornbydd say. Arcgis may have some tools, i don't know them. I would suggest you to look at Pgrouting and postgresSQL if it's not too much for you, you trade your manual work for some code. – Maximilien jaffrès Aug 14 at 13:06