Running 3.4.6 on Windows 10. Until today I have had no problems creating new shapefiles and fields. Now when I create a new shapefile everything in the new dialog box works as usual when I create fields, then when done I click OK to save and open the attribute table the fields are not there and the visible fields are "Actions" and "_1", "_2" etc. depending on the number of fields originally created. I get the same result when I try to add fields. I have tried this with multiple new shapefiles. How do I get the normal behavior for adding new shapefiles and fields? Dialog box before "OK:

I am getting an SIP module error disabling Python on startup. This is probably the source of the problem but I can't seem to fix that. I have posted question and photo of error messages at Couldn't load SIP Module but if anyone here can help please let me know!

Entry form for field when new feature is created

Saved feature on map and attribute tabel]

  • Can you add new fields in edit mode in the attribute table? So after creating the shapefile? – gHupf Aug 15 at 7:15

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