I am working on mapping extents for historical construction plans using ArcMap 10.6. I have sets of these blueprints that I must draw out dozens of similar polygons using the replace geometry tool, but on the larger and more complex polygons, I find myself making errors that slow my workflow down.

Is there is not a way for me to copy the polygon data, so that I only need to make one polygon that can be moved to other rows, what would be an alternative other than just continuing to draw out each sheet?

  • Are some of the polygons you are needing to create the same but you need to show them at different locations and later join them to existing attribute tables? – danak Aug 15 at 16:36
  • I apologize if my post is unclear, I can edit it! Anyways, to answer your question, this whole project is being done on a single attribute table. There are thousands of records that are referring to TIFs of sheets of historical parcel maps/road maps/e.t.c. Many of these sheets belong to the same set of plans, and thus have identical extents that I have to map for each sheet. This is being done so that each sheet has a spatial reference that can be easily accessed when reading historical plans. – Everett Spackman Aug 15 at 17:27
  • The newer sheets being entered are in a PDF format, with all the sheets from a set entered into a single PDF, so I can just do one extent for all of the sheets in that plan. – Everett Spackman Aug 15 at 17:28
  • Please Edit the question to provide clarifications. – Vince Aug 15 at 18:07

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