I have a GeoPackage that is downloaded to client devices for a mobile app. I need the clients to query the GeoPackage to retrieve a GeoJSON representation of the geom column. I'm familiar with ST_AsGeoJSON(geom) available in PostGIS, but I cannot find a similar solution using a GeoPackage.

How can I transform the geom column into GeoJSON? Ideally it would be in a query, but if that's not available I'd like to know how to convert the geom binary myself programmatically.

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On mobile there is geopackage iOS and Android from the US Government NGA. You can also use geopackage-js API and use javascript for the conversion. But why convert it why not render the vector features on the map ? Geopackage native lets you do this as raster tiles on the fly. my app is doing that

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