I've seen the questions and answers about ST_Azimuth, but didn't find a specific example for this case:

I need to calculate the azimuth from point id 1 to id 2, id 2 to id 3, id 3 to id 4, ...

Table 'points' with id and geom

How can I define the query to calculate the azimuth between id and id+1 (next point)?

Or is there a QGIS field calculator solution?

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Use the LEAD window function to get the geometry from the next row in specific order as argument to ST_Azimuth:

          LEAD(geom) OVER(ORDER BY id)
       ) AS azm,
FROM   points

The last row will have NULL as azm.

  • perfect! Thank you very much.
    – aicun
    Aug 16, 2019 at 6:24

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