I'm trying to clip a google satellite XYZ tile over a layer mask of my DEM layerSettings im using to export the XYZ layer as a tif to make a 3D map. the problem is that after making the connection and adding it as a layer to my project, im unable to save it as a geotiff. It keeps returning an error saying "data source "filename.tif" is an invalid data source.

Moreover, I've noticed another issue, if i uncheck the vrt option while trying to export> save as geotiff, the file does not get saved at all!


Don't just enter a file name where it says "file name." You have to provide an entire file path. The easiest way to do this is to click the ... button and choose the file you want to save to. Or type in the full file path and file name, eg, instead of "Google Satellite" enter "C:\Users\Documents\Google Satellite.tif."

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