I have JavaScript in work order management software:

var ctx = new HashMap();
var jsonResp = ctx.get("response");

The script sends a request (with coordinates) to a feature service:


The feature service (REST) returns information about the feature that the coordinates/point intersected with.

 "displayFieldName": "DAY",
 "fieldAliases": {
  "DAY": "DAY",
  "ZONE": "Area",
 "fields": [
   "name": "OBJECTID",
   "type": "esriFieldTypeOID",
   "alias": "OBJECTID"
   "name": "DAY",
   "type": "esriFieldTypeString",
   "alias": "DAY",
   "length": 10
   "name": "ZONE",
   "type": "esriFieldTypeString",
   "alias": "Area",
   "length": 6
   "name": "SHAPE.AREA",
   "type": "esriFieldTypeDouble",
   "alias": "SHAPE.AREA"
   "name": "SHAPE.LEN",
   "type": "esriFieldTypeDouble",
   "alias": "SHAPE.LEN"
 "features": [
   "attributes": {
    "OBJECTID": 327,
    "DAY": "Tuesday",
    "ZONE": "1",                     <-------zone is here
    "SHAPE.AREA": 5154109.08323004,
    "SHAPE.LEN": 10563.5744286387

I want to isolate the zone number from the JSON text so that I can insert it into a record/field.

How can I parse/isolate the zone number using JavaScript?

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    features is an array with one element (note the square bracket). You're very close -try changing service.log(obj.features.attributes.zone) to service.log(obj.features[0].attributes.zone) – Steven Kay Aug 17 at 19:16
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    @StevenKay : A related question here: stackoverflow.com/q/57617494/10936066 – User1973 Aug 24 at 13:38

I can parse the JSON text using JSON.parse.

var obj = JSON.parse(jsonResp);


  1. The JSON features element is an array with a single element in it (note the square brackets).
    • Put an index reference after features: features[0]. Credit goes to @Steven Kay.
  2. The field name is case sensitive.
    • zone didn't work, but ZONE did.

That was harder than it needed to be!

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