I need to created web based application to showcase GIS data using .Net technology.

After going through couple of blogs and links, I installed Postgress 10 and PostGIS 2.4. When i tried to add PostGIS extension to postgress SQL it gave me below error message:

"ERROR: could not load library "E:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/10/lib/rtpostgis-2.4.dll": The specified module could not be found."

Same error was with PostGIS version 2.5. I also tried to use "PostGIS Shapefile and DBF Uploader utility" , But it gives below message:

Shapefile type: Polygon
Shapefile import failed.

Sample shape file for your reference : https://github.com/anthonydb/practical-sql/blob/master/Chapter_14/tl_2010_us_county10.zip

I tried with my shapefile and from the link above , But the error is same.

I have reinstalled everything again but it did not work!

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