I have data in a table. One of the fields has pairs of coordinates. The coordinate pairs represent a point and the points joined in order to represent a line. The number of coordinate pairs varies. There are many tables!

How do I convert this table to a spatial dataset (i.e. shapefile) using FME?

Here is the content from one of the cells in the table (the 'shape' field). This is an example of 2 coordinate pairs but some have 10 pairs so I can't easily use 'text to columns' in Excel.

MULTILINESTRING ((138.5418028 -35.0290507909, 138.54179 -35.028988))

The string with coordinates is WKT (Well-known text).

In FME you could use a GeometryReplacer to (re)create the geometry of the feature based on the WKT string.



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