I am currently using ArcGIS Pro (network analyst, OD cost matrix analysis) to calculate distances between a set of points A and a set of points B. Distances are calculated along my own road map, which I have in a shape-file. To do this, I first build a network data set in ArcMap, which I import in ArcGIS Pro prior to the distances calculations.

I am now trying to move my project from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online, and I wonder if it is possible to somehow create the network data set (that I need as input in the OD Cost matrix analysis) in ArcGIS Online? Or do I need to have this ready, and publish it to my ArcGIS Online account in order to perform the distance calculations?


You cannot publish your own routing (network dataset) to ArcGIS Online. You'll need to publish it to your on-premise Enterprise. If you're committed to using ArcGIS Online, you'll need to use the routing services and tools they provide (which are generally credit based consumption)

Esri staff reference > Help documentation reference

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