I created a raster with the function rasterFromXYZ() in R using a dataframe with coordinates and the value of a variable, the result was this:


enter image description here

which is exactly what I need. Now I just want to convert/export it exactly like that as a shapefile. I guess it should be easy but I haven't found the answer... Somebody?


Let's make a reproducible example...

First use the raster::getData package to get a raster of the heights of Liechtenstein (because Liechtenstein is quite small so we can see what its doing, and also because I played in a band that had a number 3 hit in the country...):

> library(raster)
> library(sp)
> raster1 = getData('alt', country='LIE', mask=TRUE)
> plot(raster1)

enter image description here

That's a raster like yours. Let's convert to vector format as a Spatial Data Frame. Each pixel becomes a rectangle and the altitude is stored in the LIE_msk_alt column:

> polys1 = rasterToPolygons(raster1)
> names(polys1)
[1] "LIE_msk_alt"

Now we can plot that using spplot with the same colour scheme as the raster plotting function:

> cols = rev(terrain.colors(255))
> spplot(polys1, "LIE_msk_alt", col.regions=cols, lwd=0)

enter image description here

which is near enough to the raster plot.

If you want to save this as a shapefile, then use raster::shapefile:

> raster::shapefile(polys1, "polys1.shp")

BUT note that shapefiles DO NOT save the style (the colour palette etc), only the data.

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  • Perhaps a no-brainer, but remember to install packages (raster, sp, rgdal). – Mox 2 days ago

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