Is it possible to add a column in the attribute table in QGIS that is a concatenation of two other columns? For example I have a column "Genus" and a column "Species" and I would like to create a column "GenusSpecies" that looks something like


Martes foina

Vulpes vulpes

Vulpes lagopus


I cannot edit my csv in excel to do it because it is 2GB in size and crashes my computer and says there isn't enough memory.

If there is a way to make and add the column with the Mac terminal/command line that would also work too

  • I think you need to have an edit-able format (geopackage, shapefile) to do the concatenation in an edit session.
    – Mapperz
    Commented Aug 21, 2019 at 22:18

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Yes. Add your file to QGIS. Open the attribute table by right clicking the file in the layers menu. Click the Open Field Calculator button. You will be presented with a dialog box like below. Ensure you have selected Create a new field, name the field with a name less than 10 characters long. Select Output field type as Text. Finally set the field width to some value at least as large as your longest name. In blue I have selected an expression from two attributes in my data. Your expression might be something like "Genus" || ' ' || "Species" (assuming your columns are actually named that. Hit OK. This will fill your new column with the genus and species from the other two cells and place a blank space between the two words.

enter image description here

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