I haven't used PgRouting much so I'm a little in the dark here. However, I am attempting a driving distance calculation like the one described by Underdark here.

My SQL is identical, I have a routable network etc etc. I have also successfully run this in the past on another database. However, when I run the simple piece of sql below, it completely crashes the Postgresql server with no error other than connection to server has been lost:

SELECT * FROM driving_distance('
      SELECT gid AS id,
          start_id::int4 AS source,
          end_id::int4 AS target,
          shape_leng::float8 AS cost
      FROM network',

I first spotted the crash when trying to run this from Python. I restarted the computer and tried to run the stripped down version above from PGAdmin. It still crashes. BTW the '494902005' value is my node id and I want to limit the search to 50km. Because I am not getting any feed back, I don't know where to start diagnosing the issue. I am using PostGIS 2/PostGreSQL 9.1 on 32bit Windows 7.

Any ideas gratefully received!

  • Which pgRouting windows binary do yo use? – sanak Sep 12 '12 at 1:11
  • It is one you compiled ("pgRouting-git-sanak-mingw_20120310_pg-9.1(x86)"). I believe this is the recommended one. Do you think re-installing it would help or maybe try one of the experimental ones? Also, many thanks for maintianing these Windows Binaries. It is much appreciated as is your help! – MappaGnosis Sep 12 '12 at 6:32
  • I have just tried version "pgRouting-git-sanak-mingw32_20120703_pg-9.1(x86_32)" and I get the same result. – MappaGnosis Sep 12 '12 at 6:57
  • Ok, thanks for reply. And I confirmed that this issue is reproducible after one source/target value changed to '494902005' with my "pgRouting-git-sanak-mingw32_20120703_pg-9.1(x86_32)". This may be unknown driving distance issue. So, I will investigate this issue, but if you hurry, try reduce source/target id values by Minimum value of (source/target). – sanak Sep 12 '12 at 14:09

The cause of this issue is too high source/target id.

Out of memoery error occurred when vertices list is resized to '494902005' in "boost/graph/detail/adjacency_list.hpp" - "add_edge" method.
(See the following debug image's comment.)

enter image description here

So, it will be necessary to reduce max source/target value to proper one.

  • Thanks Sanak. My Source and Target ids are just the original ones from the raw OSM data my network is derived from - hence the very high numbers. However, I can easily renumber for now. You've been a great help! – MappaGnosis Sep 15 '12 at 7:44

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