I've encountered the following problem frequently when I am using the raster calculator, even though sometimes the calculator works. However, I cannot figure out the difference between the times it works and the ones it does not.

The raster layer I am using is a gridded population. I want to create a mask layer with 1 meaning that there exists a population larger than 100 in the grid and 0 otherwise. The operation I use is ("lspop2010@1" > 100) * 1.

The output range is depicted in the picture below. Basically, the calculation produces a layer with no-data values only. Does anyone know the source of this problem?



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"Reclassify by table" in the Processing toolbox did the job.

There, you just need to define the range values and click the box "use no-data when no range matches value". Then you will get your mask layer.

Thanks to GBG for suggesting the post where I found the solution.

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