I'm looking at displaying the commercial and industrial areas of the UK on QGIS so that I can do some work on them. I'm not looking to add my own data to it, merely find a shapefile or geopackage or something which I can add to my QGIS to display the areas. I've spent ages looking online but don't really know if I'm looking for the right thing since I'm fairly new to QGIS.

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    What's the difference between commercial and industrial? And I think, this question would be better suited for the Open Data Stack Exchange. – Erik Aug 22 at 13:24
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    Have you look at the CORINE Land cover Data ? (land.copernicus.eu/pan-european/corine-land-cover) – J.R Aug 22 at 13:28
  • I guess to me commercial areas are more like shops, or business entities whereas an industrial area would be where there's factories. I hadn't thought to look at that SE, since I was asking a question as someone coming from QGIS. I'll look into it. Thanks! – Alex Aug 22 at 13:28

Ordnance Survey (Great Britain not UK) has OS Master Map with a new layer descriptions.

"OS MasterMap Topography Layer's Descriptive terms will update over 11 million features across land, rivers, water and structures."

This includes natural and man-made structures

There is a excel spreadsheet that list all of the layers available to view the layers here https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/business-and-government/products/os-mm-topodescriptiveterms.html

"OSMM New DG & DT combinations" is the excel spreadsheet tab.

The only down-side is the OS MasterMap data is expensive (you will need to contact Ordnance Survey for pricing).

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