I want to calculate the distance in meters between two points but I am getting an obscene result 5497980.47338251

Here is the query I made:

SELECT ST_Distance(ST_SeTSRID(ST_MakePoint(6761331.47, 2873883.72), 2154), 
                   ST_SeTSRID(ST_MakePoint(2873464.28, 6761335.07), 2154)),
       ST_Distance(ST_MakePoint(6761331.47, 2873883.72), 
                   ST_MakePoint(2873464.28, 6761335.07))

The coordinates are in the 2154 SRID.

What should I do to get a good result? I tried with the 4326 SRID and the appropriate coordinates and got a wrong answer as well.

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    I think you mixed x and y in one of the ST_MakePoint, the result should be meters!
    – geozelot
    Commented Aug 22, 2019 at 16:26

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As was mentioned by @ThingumaBob playing around with coordinates order will give better output

SELECT ST_Distance(
                   ST_SeTSRID(ST_MakePoint(6761331.47, 2873883.72), 2154),
                   ST_SeTSRID(ST_MakePoint(6761335.07, 2873464.28), 2154)
                   ) AS dist

dist = 419.4554488862289 meters, EPSG:2154.

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