I've done a blank Django project. Then shared it via git on gitlab. Then downloaded a very small region from geofabrik Then:

  • in Windows I've imported it via: osm2pgsql -c -U xx -d yy -H localhost -W -E4326~/myfile.osm.pbf

  • in Linux I had to change 4326 to 3857 to make it work, otherwise coordinates in the admin interface didn't show up properly.

From there I've made my models:

Here's are my models (all the same fields for Line, Polygon, Point and Roads, just one is enough):

class PlanetOsmLine(models.Model):
    class Meta:
        db_table = 'planet_osm_line'
        managed = False

    osm_id = models.BigIntegerField(primary_key=True)
    # ...tons of other field (unused)...
    way = GeometryField(default=None)

Now, for the same osm_id, this requests works under Windows, and gives me many results but under Linux I have an empty array (!!):

source = PlanetOsmPolygon.objects.get(osm_id="717295797").way
print([a.osm_id for a in PlanetOsmPolygon.objects.filter(

What am I doing wrong, what are the tests I should do to make it work/look for the problem? I dont know where to start.



osm2pgsql 0.88.1 doesn't import properly when setting option "-E 4326"

-> manual compiling latest version under Mint gave me: osm2pgsql 0.96.0 (64 bit id space)

And the import went fine and all queries now work. So be careful: the official package might not work, try to manual compile (very easy (if I could do it, anybody can do it ;^))).

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