Some of my users may want, before finally migrate to QGIS3 LTR, to read with QGIS2 some qgs project files made under QGIS3. I would recommend them not to do that.

But, for the sake of clarity:

  • How is backward compatible a qgs file from QGIS3 to QGIS2 ?
  • In this old post, there is a proposed answer by Underdark, for a QGIS 2.6/2.2 case. Would the answer be the same in my case?

Backwards compatibility between QGIS 3.4 and 2.18: As long as the projects are saved using .qgs, there are no major problems. But: Some styling issues are not transferred between the versions, e.g. labeling and layer transparency. This can be quite annoying.

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    That's not true at all. There's no effort made in the project to ensure older versions can safely open files created in newer versions. Some may work (with differences), others are just as likely to crash an open or after an hour's use in 2.18... – ndawson Aug 24 '19 at 3:55

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