So basically, I've written a script that generates a lot of polygons over the UK with certain criteria. The output it a lot of shapes like the following - I wanted to know if, in QGIS, I'm able to join shapes like this together and fill in the holes by making a big polygon over the whole thing.


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    The minimum bounding geometry or concave hull tool might do it. – csk Aug 25 at 23:37
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    Or make a giant polygon that covers more than the entire area. Intersect that polygon with the ones you have here. That will leave one large ring polygon outside the area boundary. Select and delete that polygon, then dissolve the remaining polygons. – csk Aug 25 at 23:39
  • In QGIS there is also a possibility of using "Fill holes" but it will only work for interior holes, for exterior gaps, I would suggest tackling the way offered by @csk – Taras Aug 27 at 9:14

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