I need to create dichotomic fields based on a single field which shows multiple choice answers in the form of strings separated by a space. What I want to do is this:

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The number of choices that will produce the new fields is known, but I have 27 fields with data from multiple choice questions in several layers, I know how to do this manually, but it would take a very long time.

update: Here is a screenshot of one of my field of interest, there are blank spaces, there are no "0" because the multiple-choice options begin with "1". When in a group this field is not filled (because it depends on previous selections) then it becomes blank.

enter image description here

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You can create the fields with an expression such as below. For example, create FIELD_1 with expression

if(array_contains(string_to_array(data, ' '), 1), 1, 0)

The expression looks at a field data and if it contains 1 returns 1 otherwise 0. You can repeat the process for all the fields you need to create.

As your problem requires you to repeat this multiple times, you can use a little bit of pyqgis to automate it. Select the layer containing the data. Open a python console in QGIS with the layer selected and copy/paste the following code and hit Enter. change num_choices to number of fields you require and data with the field containing the data.

layer = iface.activeLayer()
num_choices = 5
for x in range(1, num_choices+1):
  field = QgsField( 'FIELD_{}'.format(x), QVariant.String )
  idx = layer.addExpressionField("if(array_contains(string_to_array(data, ' '), {}), 1, 0)".format(x), field)

For a test layer with your test data, I get the following output in QGIS3.4

enter image description here

  • Hi! for some reason when I update the field name in the console, whether I use "or not, It doesn´t seem to update, so I figure out that updating the field name in the layer properties does what I need. So this is definitely the right solution. Commented Sep 6, 2019 at 4:16

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