I'm new to QGIS and stuck with this task. Here's the data I'm working with:

The goal is to calculate the weighted population centroid for each county (image 1) based on the population density grid (image 2). In the end I want to export a list of the latitude/longitude coordinates of the centroids of all counties. Counties of Germany Population Grid

So far I was able to join the CSV data with the 1km-grid Shapefile. Then I've tried intersecting the two layers and playing around with the vector centroid function but nothing has worked. I have no clue how I can tackle this task and I couldn't find any solution online.


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Short answer would be "Try Mean centroid(s) in the Processing Toolbox > Vector Analysis".

However, your dataset needs to get pre-processed before applying the tool.

(1) Pre-process (this part is specific to your data)

  • Let's assume you already have a Joined layer (1) by joining 1-square-kilometer grid and Population Data as CSV.
  • You would also have reprojected the VG250_Kreise county polygon (WGS84) to ETRS89 LAEA (named VG250_1Jan2011_ETRS89_LAEA_Kreise in my example (2)).
  • Then the first step is to create a Centroids (3) layer, converted from your Joined layer (1) which was a polygon layer.
  • Because the negative number (-1 for unknown) in your column "Einwohner" prevents to use it as the weight, we need to remove them using an expression (e.g. "Einwohner" > -1). In this example the output layername is Centroids_without_negative (4) .
  • Now, you need to attach the County ID (OBJECTID) to the above processed centroids layer. A picture attached below shows the Join attributes by location tool, which takes Centroids_without_negative (4) and VG250_1Jan2011_ETRS89_LAEA_Kreise (2) as inputs, with OBJECTID as the Field to add (you can add all the fields if you like).

enter image description here

(2) Main process

The above pre-processing would have given a new Joined layer (shown as brown points in the image below).

Start Mean coordinate(s) tool and set options like below:

  • Input layer: Joined layer (5)
  • Weight field: Column "Einwohner"
  • Unique ID field: OBJECTID

enter image description here

(3) Output and caveat

Click on Run button and you will see something like below:

enter image description here

  • The result Mean coordinate(s) (Weighted mean centroids) generally looks OK (such as (A) at upper-right).
  • However, you will find some centroids are not located within the polygon it should be in (see (B) at lower-right, pointed by a blue-arrow). These off-points would have to be processed separately.

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