I am trying to remove black borders around the edge of a GeoTIFF. The Black border around the GeoTIFF has an RGB value of (0,0,0). I have tried assigning 0 as a "No Data" value to the tiff, but QGIS then makes all pixels which contain a 0 such as (0,54,76) into "No Data" pixels. This leaves holes in the map.

Is there a way of only classifying a "No Data" pixel if 0 is found across all 3 RGB bands on a pixel(pure black pixel)?

I am using the latest version of QGIS 3.8 Zanzibar. Here are 2 screenshots to clarify the situation.

Image of file for merging


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In the transparency layer properties tab there is a option to set in a no data value for each color value of a pixel. Fill in 0,0,0 for R,G,B and then transparency 100, this only turns the black pixels transparent.

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