I obtained a few folders purporting to come from LiDAR data taken of a U.S. county. The directories are set up like this.

- be_rasters
-- 692500_725000
--- dblbnd.adf
--- hdr.adf
--- metadata.xml
--- prj.adf
--- sta.adf
--- w001001.adf
--- w001001x.adf
-- (thousands more folders with this naming convention format and files within them named the same thing)
- contour
-- shp
--- Contour_692500_735000.cpg
--- Contour_692500_735000.dbf
--- Contour_692500_735000.prj
--- Contour_692500_735000.sbn
--- Contour_692500_735000.sbx
--- Contour_692500_735000.shp
--- Contour_692500_735000.shp.xml
--- Contour_692500_735000.shx
--- (Thousands more files with similar naming conventions, with the same extensions)

It appears that each shapefile contains data for a small area of the county. I want to obtain the average elevation above/below sea level for each section of the county.

How do I obtain that information from these files?

I have QGIS. I tried opening a few .shp files in it. But trying to open all the .shp files at once freezes the program.



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