I am creating an animated time series map using Carto VL and have included a progress bar that updates as the animation progresses. The bar updates, but is not interactive — for instance, a viewer would not be able to use the bar to advance or move backward in the animation. What could I change to make the progress bar interactive?

Here is the code I used to build the progress bar:

Progress: <input type="range" id="js-progress-range" min="-21000" max="0" step="500"></p>

...and here is how I update the progress bar using my animation:

function updateProgress () {
            $progressRange.value = alnusViz.variables.animation.getProgressValue();
  setInterval(updateProgress, 100);

Here you have an example from CARTO-VL's documentation on animation controls: Interactive progress bar in CartoVL.

Basically, what you need to do is to use setCurrent method to update the animation when your progress bar control is dragged:

$progressRange.addEventListener('change', () => {

And to avoid updating it every 100ms, you should use layer's update event:

layer.on('updated', () => {
    $progressRange.value = viz.variables.animation.getProgressValue();
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