I have came across ways to consume GeoServer wms services and Bing maps at client side using openlayers , But openlayers is Javascript based framework and using this the Bing Map keys/ WMS urls and the other integrations are exposed with end user.

Are there any c#-libraries/approach to integrate the GeoServer with .NET based server side application for logic and the map creation and then pass the data to the openlayers at the client side.

While consuming Bing maps with opelayers , key needs to be defined and this stays at client side and can easily be misused. Is there any way so that we can hide key or consume Bing map in openlayer through a server based application.

Ex: [https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56400595/how-to-show-bing-map-layers-with-openlayers][1], Here the user is using Bing map with key in JS.

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