While making maps with MGRS I need to have a label in each corner of the map frame with the 100k grid square labels.

So far i have updated them manually, but after i've started using ArcGIS Pro i found that it is possible to extract Mapframe coordinates like "Upper left".

The syntax looks like this: <dyn type="mapFrame" name="Map Frame" property="upperLeft" units="dms" decimalPlaces="0"/>

By pure curiosity i replaced "dms" with "mgrs", and it gave me a MGRS Grid without decimals.

<dyn type="mapFrame" name="Map Frame" property="upperLeft" units="mgrs" decimalPlaces="0"/>

Resulting in: 32VMH

Basically i would like to know to know if it is possible to remove the Grid zone designator "32V" so i end up only having "MH" left.

  • In ArcMap, this requires adding/populating a field, as dynamic text can't really use Python/VB expressions. A klugy solution: add a white filled graphic box over the first part of the label.
    – danak
    Aug 30, 2019 at 16:50


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