I cannot find the AutoForm plugin. I am using QGIS 3.6, have this plugin perhaps given another name, or where do I find the functionality.

I am trying to create lookup tables following this tutorial https://blog.sourcepole.ch/2017/02/10/autoform-plugin-for-qgis/

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    Unfortunately that plugin is outdated and only available for QGIS 2.14 onwards. It hasn't been updated for QGIS 3. You could try contacting the author on their GitHub page or attempt to update the plugin yourself using the new QGIS 3 API. – Joseph Aug 29 at 11:15
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    Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, I will not be able able to update the plugin due to limited capacity. I left an issue notice and hoping one of the developers can assist. – Amelia Nicodemus Aug 29 at 12:29

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