I'm creating a fully automatic tool in ModelBuilder, and have a problem with the Fishnet function.

The tool should work with different files, and the user only needs to choose a specific txt file (and choose the workspace) to start the process.

For this reason, I need the tool to be be able to create a fishnet extracting all the settings autonomously. At the moment, the fishnet can extract: The Template Extent, the Cell size Width, the Cell size Height and the output feature class.

The problems are the Fishnet Origin Coordinates and the Y-axis Coordinate. In the common use of the Fishnet instrument, you just need to put the Template Extent and all these fields compiles automatically, but that doesn't happen here.

  • Can you extract the Origin from the input FC, minX, minY of the FC extent? – klewis Aug 29 at 18:36
  • maybe, I thought about it, but i couldn't to enter the data in the fields. I'll try again. – EdoBoo Aug 30 at 9:44

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