I'd like to reuse a page layout across multiple pages - specifically the page border, the title, etc. Is there an easy way to do this?

Right now I'm making new pages and copy/pasting everything.

Using QGIS 3.4

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    Is "duplicate layout" or "save as Template" what you are after? – MrXsquared Aug 29 '19 at 19:37
  • Those are workarounds, but ultimately create an additional layout instead of adding an identical page to my existing layout – Ben J. Aug 29 '19 at 21:29
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    How about the Atlas feature? qgistutorials.com/en/docs/3/automating_map_creation.html – Dirwin Aug 30 '19 at 10:31
  • That looks like what I want. Thank you! – Ben J. Aug 30 '19 at 12:25

As Dirwin said in their comment, the Atlas feature allows you to create multiple pages with the same layout but different contents.


(Just putting this as an answer so future searchers find it faster than I did!)

  • Thanks, should have added an answer. The atlas feature is exactly what I was looking for – Ben J. Mar 30 '20 at 1:04

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