I have licensed ArcStorm from Esri but have no idea what the product is.

I have found no documentation about it from Esri.


As commented by @Joseph:

ArcStorm (Arc Storage Manager) is ESRI’s implementation of Client/Server technology for managing distributed ARC/INFO databases. ArcStorm enables multiple users to edit the same layer concurrently and uses a feature-level transaction locking mechanism to manage the editing sessions.Traditional techniques of preventing simultaneous editing of the same area, such as the one deployed by the Librarian product from ESRI and Infomaster from SYNERCOM, allow graphic editing by locking the entire tile or facet, even though only one or few features are to be edited...

I worked with ArcStorm first as a prototype with Esri’s Prototype Lab (as their guest prior to a benchmark) in late 1992 and then in production for a number of years. It fell largely into disuse as the Spatial Database Engine (SDE) was adopted instead but, in its early days, it was highly innovative.

As commented by @Spacedman Esri issued a Technical Paper on Migrating Data From ArcStorm™ or Map Librarian to the Geodatabase in June 2003.

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