When I add a user to the database via ArcCatalog > Adminstration > Add User, it creates a schema for the user, and sets that schema as the default schema for the user. From then on, when the user creates a new feature class in the geodatabase, it is created under that user's schema.



This is great for per-user access to geodatabases as a work space. I would like to have broader schemas that incorporate multiple users so that the users in, for example, a single department can share data. So if JSmith creates a feature class, and then JDoe creates a feature class, and they're both in the same department, they would be created something like:

parksdepartment\MYFEATURECLASSA and parksdepartment\MYFEATURECLASSB

and both users would have permissions to manage the feature classes.

I have manually added a schema to the database ('parksdepartment'), and I have set the default schema for each of the two users to this new schema. This 'sort of' works in that new feature classes generate the tables in MSSQL under the desired schema; however, in ArcCatalog it throws the error:

Failed to create feature class.
DBMS table not found [GIS."myorg\jsmith".MYFEATURECLASSA]

What is the best way to structure schemas / roles so that multiple users can manage feature classes right out of the gate?

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