I am working on a Alexa skill where I get the user's location (Lat, Long) from the device. Since my skill only applies to a specific city (Boston, USA), I am using the ArcGIS reverse_geocode to determine if that Lat, Long is in Boston, but the input is in the XY format.

I wrote the following method:

from arcgis.gis import GIS
from arcgis.geocoding import reverse_geocode
from arcgis.geometry import from_geo_coordinate_string

gis = GIS()
location = [42.3937647, -71.1449038]
m_location = reverse_geocode(location)

# Error:
# Cannot perform query. Invalid query parameters.
# Unable to find address for the specified location.

Therefore, I need to convert my lat,long to XY. I found the find_transformation function, but don't know how to use as inputs (the in_sr and out_sr, for instance).

I cannot use packages such as pyproj, because the team does not approve, and I'm positive that ArcGIS has a function for converting between coordinates


Based on the documentation found here https://developers.arcgis.com/python/guide/reverse-geocoding/,

Location parameter

The point from which to search for the closest address. The point can be represented as a simple list of coordinates ([x, y] or [longitude, latitude]) or as a JSON point object.

reverse the order of the location. Either:

  • m_location = reverse_geocode([location[1], location[0]])
  • or simply change location to have longitude listed first, like location = [-71..., 42...] (obscured for privacy reasons).

This will use the default spatial reference of WGS84, but can be overridden if needed. Your geocode is likely to be in WGS84.

  • Perfect! I had my location in Lat, Long, but the function takes Long, Lat – Bruno Cortez Aug 31 '19 at 21:05

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