I can't add the TauDEM Tools.tbx to ArcMap 10.6.1. Windows 10 64bit.

.... taudem tools.tbx is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains and err. ...... error status 0x000012f

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  • I could/can not add the TauDEM Tools.tbx following the instructions in TauDEM 5.3 QUICK START GUIDE TO USING THE TAUDEM ARCGIS TOOLBOX October 2015. – Richard Jones Sep 9 at 10:45
  • I have a workaround using "import arcpy" in a Python window. After the import statement I wrote "tbx='[path to toolbox\toolbox name.tbx]'" followed by "arcpy.ImportToolbox(tbx)" and I now have the TauDEM Tools toolbox in the ArcMap toolbox. Lets see if it works. – Richard Jones Sep 9 at 10:54