I was trying to import the map of Melbourne. I was able to fetch the details from API coordinates but when i am trying to check the analytic asset status, it is returning inactive.

# extract image IDs only
image_ids = [feature['id'] for feature in search_result.json() . 

# For demo purposes, just grab the first image ID
id0 = image_ids[0]
id0_url = 'https://api.planet.com/data/v1/item- 
types/{}/items/{}/assets'.format(item_type, id0)

# Returns JSON metadata for assets in this ID. Learn more: 
result = \
auth=('APIKEY', '')

# List of asset types available for this particular satellite image

# This is "inactive" if the "analytic" asset has not yet been 
activated; otherwise 'active'

And That gives me:

['20180831_235330_1008', '20180831_000115_0f31']
dict_keys(['analytic', 'analytic_dn', 'analytic_dn_xml', 'analytic_sr', 
'analytic_xml', 'basic_analytic', 'basic_analytic_dn', 
'basic_analytic_dn_nitf', 'basic_analytic_dn_rpc', 
'basic_analytic_dn_rpc_nitf', 'basic_analytic_dn_xml', 
'basic_analytic_dn_xml_nitf', 'basic_analytic_nitf', 
'basic_analytic_rpc', 'basic_analytic_rpc_nitf', 'basic_analytic_xml', 
'basic_analytic_xml_nitf', 'basic_udm', 'basic_udm2', 'udm', 'udm2'])

The status is returning as inactive. It should be active.


Have you checked the Planet Explorer gui to confirm the status of your order? It may not have finished processing yet. I suggest using this tool for faster, more user friendly downloads https://github.com/samapriya/porder

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