I need a way to measure the closeness centrality of every single NODE(i) in respect to all NODES(j),

1 NODE(i) to all NODES(j)

and, another measure that describe somehow the geometric properties of the network created by NODES(j) with themselves.

all NODES(j) to all NODES(j)

I know this is part of Graph Theory, but it is also a routing matter and I am sure spatial gurus can understand this network.

nodes network

  • They identical, unless it is weighted graph. – FelixIP Sep 3 at 0:06
  • @FelixIP: Let me rephtrase the question. Every node(i), the brown ones, will have a closeness parameter as calculated by the sum of distances of all connecting lines (edges) to the nodes (j), the blue ones. In fact, there are 3 edges that connect every brown node to one blue node, as we have 3 blue nodes (kind of hubs). But what would be an appropriate geometric descriptor of the polygon created by connecting all nodes (j), the blue ones?? Cheers – Nick Pucino Sep 3 at 3:40
  • You might call it eulerian circuit, see networkx documentation. Not sure how it is related to a title of your post. – FelixIP Sep 3 at 6:28

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