Are there examples of an API where I can pass a lat, lon, date-range and get NDVI time-series for that location based on Sentinel-2 data without having to download entire tiles and without having to run on GEE? I haven;t seen any complete examples of this e.g. with sentinel-sat API


Are you referring to a point-based time-series?
If so, Sentinel Hub's Statistical API would surely fit:

You will need to configure a layer, which will return actual NDVI values and then use this in the request.

The Python integration is available here:

(Disclaimer: I am working at Sinergise, which is operating Sentinel Hub)

  • thanks for your help with this, is there a related API that can extract time-series for a polygon (e.g. geojson format) – user1186 Nov 15 at 4:01
  • 1
    The above mentioned Statistical API can do this, you just need to provide GEOMETRY instead of BBOX. – Grega M. Nov 16 at 7:42

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