I am looking for an alternative to ESRI's Simplify Polygons - Bend Simplify method (I only have a Basic License).

Is there an existing QGIS plugin which supports this specific polygon simplifying algorithm?

If not, does anyone have a suggestion for which Generalization algorithm within the Grass v.generalize might produce the most similar results?

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    Is the method of the same kind than Visvalingam-Whyatt in PostGIS postgis.net/docs/ST_SimplifyVW.html bost.ocks.org/mike/simplify? – user30184 Sep 4 '19 at 11:28
  • SImilar, but as I understand it, Visvalingam prioritizes retaining areas, whereas Wangs algorithm prioritizes conservings bends/curves while minimizing vertices, which is more appropriate for my data. – Veronica Sep 4 '19 at 17:59

A new QGIS plugin called Geo Simplification that contains a processing script named Reduce Bend is available in the official QGIS plugin repository. It is an implementation of the Wang-Muller algorithm, the same algorithm used by the ESRI Bend simplify. It can simplify lines but also polygons while preserving topology within and between features of the same layer.

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