I have this interesting problem and hope someone can provide some insight/solution. I have access to full blown ESRI software.

I have property parcels layer with close to 20,000 records. The attributes of this layer contains regular parcel info, plus addresses. There are three separate columns for addressing; Street Number, Street Name, and Full Address.

I want to place a point right at the centre front of each parcel, preferably on the Road line feature that I have. In case where the the parcel is on the corner and has access to more than one road, I want to place the point on the road that matches with the address. Finally for each point I need an xy coordinate and an angle for facing the front of the parcel.

This data will then be used by a developer to incorporate Google Street View with a property information application.

Does anyone have some ideas as to what would be the best way to accomplish this?

  • How are you looking to define the point in front of a property? Do you have rules for governing how curves in the parcel boundary / road are handled? – Keagan Allan Sep 5 at 2:14
  • Unfortunately I don't. – atari Sep 5 at 13:51
  • It is a tricky problem. A simple perpendicular line from the road centreline to the centre of the parcel will work great when there are no curves in the road and the parcels are regular shape. But considerations need to be made for irregular parcels, pan-handles, cul-de-sacs and bends in the road. It may be worthwhile looking into converting the parcel to segmented polylines, assigning the address t the polyline closest to the road and generating a centroid along that polyline. I am not sure where to start, but it is an avenue to consider. – Keagan Allan Sep 5 at 22:02
  • Would the 'NEAR' tool do anything? or any other proximity analysis methods? – atari Sep 10 at 15:29
  • The NEAR Tool may work in some cases. But there is a strong likelihood that the tool will mis-report relationships if the plots are rotated, pan-handle or there are more than one roads / centrelines in close proximity to the plot (like corner plots). – Keagan Allan Sep 12 at 23:34

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