Wondering if anyone has run into this issue with Arc before. I've set up a simple symbology categorized into groups by parcel size.

Size Categories:

enter image description here

This appears to be calculating correctly for the most part, however a handful of data points are being styled as "Other" when they should be placed in a specified category. For example this data point is being styled as if it were out of range when parcel size attribute is within 0-10 acres.

enter image description here

I'm mostly confused as to why this is an occasional thing, if none of my points were rendering correctly I would assume that there was a problem with my data or with the symbology classes I set, however like I mentioned earlier this is only happening for some tens of points out of thousands.

  • The point you give as exemple has a "." (dot) as decimal separator, maybe a "," is expected. – J.R Sep 5 at 8:29
  • If you can share the web map and layer can help us look into the issue. – Russ Roberts Sep 5 at 14:02
  • Here's the link to the web map. i have published just one of the three layers but they are all having this issue. serecon-ag.maps.arcgis.com/home/… – Lisa Sep 5 at 16:45
  • 1
    Looking at the provided map I think its a possible data issue and maybe a bug I have to look into further with the popup. If you pull up the data tab and look at that feature's(FID=405) PARCEL_SIZE_ACRE value its 3.16386651116999e+37 which pops it out of the max value for the layer styling which is 180. – Russ Roberts Sep 6 at 15:37
  • 1
    no sweat, and I have an issue in for the popup bug for 3.x JSAPI where we see the popup treating the 3.16e37 as just 3.16. This is working in 4.x JSAPI apps so the popup would display the info correctly and we would have seen the data issue right away. – Russ Roberts Sep 9 at 13:49

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