I downloaded a Sentinel 3B SLSTR Sl _L_RBT file and I am trying to open the Band 8 Nadir Thermal Band (S8_BT_in.nc) in NETCdf format.

  import gdal

  ds = gdal.Open(
    'NETCDF: "/home/aaron/Documents/Python
     UsingGDALandRasterio/Part 2 - Extracting Subset from S3/S8_BT_in.nc": S8_BT_in')

When I run this code the following error comes up: ERROR 4: NETCDF: "/home/aaron/Documents/Python/UsingGDALandRasterio/Part 2 - Extracting Subset from S3/S8_BT_in.nc": temp: No such file or directory

And I did verify that the S3/S8_BT_in.nc was in the same directory as I opened a terminal in the directory and used the command

  gdalinfo S8_BT_in.nc

and the metadata comes up. How can I read this NetCDF?

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