I have the same question as this one posted 3 years ago. I use windows 10 and USB 3.0. I have seen a lot of angry reviews about well known GPS device brands so I was wondering if anyone has been using GPS tool in QGIS and is willing to share info about type of device being used.


QGIS supports both NMEA and Windows Location Service connected GPS hardware under Windows 10 as of some version of QGIS 3.0.x.

I deployed a number of BAK Seal Windows 10 tablets with QGIS3 using the in-built GPS hardware, as well as external/USB connected Ublox hardware using both the serial/NMEA drivers as well as Windows Location Service.

Attached a screenshot of WLS giving location via ISP/WiFi, as an example.

enter image description here

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    Check this emlid.com/qgis-survey-tool-reach-rs . I have seen Emlid reach rtk GNSS connected by bluetooth to a surface 3, working with a qgis project with raster and vector layers, I was able to see the base and the rover working in real time – Gerardo Jimenez Sep 6 '19 at 12:43

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