I need to add classification to create a LAS file. I used the code below but it was miss-classified. Is there any problem with the code? And what is the difference between:

out.file classification 



      hdr = laspy.header.Header()
      outfile = laspy.file.File("output.las", mode="w", header=hdr)
      allx = scanne[:,0] 
      ally = scanne[:,1]
      allz = scanne[:,2]

      xmin =np.min(allx)
      ymin =np.min(ally)
      zmin =np.min(allz)

      outfile.header.offset = [xmin,ymin,zmin]
      outfile.header.scale = [0.001,0.001,0.001]
      outfile.x = allx
      outfile.y = ally
      outfile.z = allz
      outfile.Raw_Classification  = scanne[:,3]

LAS 1.2 has a classification byte, which is 8 bits. However 3 of those bits are used for the flags (withheld, synthetic, and keypoint).

With laspy, classification accesses the 5 bits that LAS 1.2 allows for the classification number. 2^5 is 32, meaning you can store 32 classes (0-31) in that 5-bit integer. It doesn't touch the flag bits.

raw_classification gives no special handling to the flag bits and instead accesses all 8 of the bits, treating it as an 8-bit integer. This would let you store a number above 31 in this byte field (2^8 == 256, 0-255), but it also uses those flag bits to do so. The implication is that softwares that actually follow the spec will only read the 5 bits that the spec defines when determining the classification, giving you a different number.

Read through the spec, especially page 8 to understand this better:


  • H i thank you for the response. but when i try classification, I got the error Laspy Exception: Invalid Data: Packed Length is Greater than allowed. how can i fix this – user77540 Sep 5 at 20:27
  • Sounds like you might be trying to set values >31. As above, that's not allowed if you want wide compatibility with LAS 1.2 files between software packages. – mikewatt Sep 5 at 20:59
  • In fact i am dealing with 22 classes, the labels type is uint32 and the data is float32. – user77540 Sep 5 at 22:19
  • Try converting to uint8? labels.astype(np.uint8) – mikewatt Sep 5 at 22:35
  • I got the same error : LaspyException: Invalid Data: Packed Length is Greater than allowed. – user77540 Sep 7 at 0:15

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