I've loaded data from a CSV-file without problem and assigned rule-based symbols to it. These are SVG of my own design with a line thickness set at 0,2 mm (yes, I know that's thin). Everything looks fine until I export the map. What should be 0,2 mm lines become more like 2 mm, making the symbols quite useless. I've had the problem before and managed to work my way around it, but I'm afraid I don't remember how. I feel like I'm overlooking something rather obvious but have no idea what…. Any ideas?

Right layout enter image description here

Wrong output enter image description here

  • If it helps: by changing the thickness of the lines from 0,2 mm to 1 pixel the lines are too my liking. Still, I really don't understand why setting them to mm does not work. – W4W Sep 8 '19 at 21:10

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