I would like to add drone.latitude, drone.longitude and track to fieldName, but I can't find a way to do it. This is what I have tried so far for the track parameter, but nothing shows up.

This is just a piece of my code, I hope it is enough to understand my problem.

top.drawDrones = function() {

  //console.log("Drawing " + Object.keys(top.drones).length + " drones" );
  dataObject.dataPoints.splice(0, dataObject.dataPoints.length);
  customMarkers.splice(0, customMarkers.length)

  for (const [drone_name, drone_list] of Object.entries(top.drones)) {

    const drone = drone_list[drone_list.length-1];
    const track = drone.track
    let trackstr: string= "track"
    const X_zoom = drone.X_zoom
    const Y_zoom = drone.Y_zoom
    const Z_zoom = drone.altitude
    const Flarm_name = drone.name
    const diretion = drone.diretion
    const point = new Point({
      x: drone.longitude,
      y: drone.latitude,

    // Draw line

    if (drone_list.length > 0) {

      var drone_path = []
      var i:number; 
      for(i=0; i<drone_list.length; i++) {

        const position = drone_list[i];

        drone_path.push([position.longitude, position.latitude])
      var polyline = new Polyline({
        hasZ: false,
        hasM: true,
        paths : drone_path,
        spatialReference: { wkid: 4326 }
      var template = new PopupTemplate({
        title: drone_name,
        content: [
            type: "fields",
            fieldInfos: [
                fieldName: track,
                visible: true,
                label: "Track",
                format: {
                  digitSeparator: true,
                  places: 0,
                  type: "oid"


Please give me some help as I already tried a lot of different ways to do it. I'm new to ArcGIS and to JavaScript.

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