I have just started using QGIS for an assignment. I'm just new on that so I will try to explain what my question is. I have added a map of Vic Australia from near map. I used the GDA94/ MGA zone 55 for CRS. I then added an OpenStreetMap map (using the same CRS) which is aligned ok. On the next step, I'm trying to add some vectors (shapefile) I have download from a government site. However, when I add the vectors, their coordinates are wrong (although I use the same CRS). The location from these vectors is correct (you can see the features) but they are aligned.

Can anyone explain me what am I doing wrong?

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When you have added OpenStreetMap, the QGIS changes its map coordinate system to EPSG:3857. Any layers added later will be converted onfly to the EPSG: 3857. So the coordinates shoud have been referring to EPSG: 3857 after adding vector layers on the QGIS Map.

  • Thank you so much! The CRS had changed after the OpenStreetMap Added and everything was out of place.
    – Geo Koro
    Sep 7, 2019 at 20:51

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