I collected the location measurements using Trimble GPS but forgot to do a calibration since I have done that a month or so ago at the same location and I thought that I don't have to redo again. I still have the lat/long/height of the reference from my old measurement. How do I "import" the reference back to the new measurements since Trimble cannot process that .ssf file anymore.

* SSF FILE HEADER INFORMATION * Version: 332 Source: -32,576 (hex: FFFF80C0) Comment: Created by TerraSync Version 5.81 Receiver Type: Geo 7X (Centimeter) Data Recorder Type: TerraSync Station Type: Rover Reference: Longitude: 0°00'00.00"E Latitude: 0°00'00.00"N Height: 0.00 meters GPS Week Number: 2,069 Start Time: 2:11:55 pm End Time: 2:48:45 pm UTC Offset: 17.00 seconds

* RECORD COUNTS * Total Records: 2,608 Deleted Records: 0 Survey Station Records: 1 Position Records: 0

  • Two questions: (1) What do you mean by "forgot to do a calibration"? It's been a while since I used TerraSync on a Geo 7x, I don't think there's any calibration required, and (2) What geographic region are you in (rough Lat & Long of your actual position)? – Trams Sep 16 at 1:35

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